My Minecraft Land


My Minecraft Land has a big, mossy tree fort.

It has a water park, too, with slides big and short.

I built a hidden maze inside a water fall.

I also have a party room, where I have a ball!

Next to my mansion, there is a cemetery,

Down deep underground, it is very scary.

I have a town that’s snowy and cold.

There’s a pyramid on water made of diamond and gold.

In the middle of my land, there’s a huge power source,

And everybody’s houses, including mine of course!


Sadly: A Minecraft Poem


One sad day in Minecraft,

a creeper was at the door.

Zombies, spiders, skeletons,

and oh so much more.

I had no armor, I had no sword,

all I really had was a huge downpour.

But all the mobs just broke through.

I had to think, but that I couldn’t do.

I soon got creamed by the mobs at the door,

and I was there no more, no more.

Minecraft Turn Around in a Cave: A Poem

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minecraft poem 1One day I was mining in a cave for some ore,

I was going to find something – of that I was sure.

So I found Lapis, I found gold, red stone (no problem), coal was easy

All I really want now is diamonds (it is not breezy).

But wait, what is that shiny blue ore?

I found diamonds, not one but more!

But then as I went to mine this wonderful ore,

A creeper snuck up behind me, and I was there no more.